The 11 Most Absurd Kardashian Christmas Cards

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Lead Today's Star Sightings

2006 In 2006, the Kardashians decided to dress up as a middle class American family. They were wearing jeans and white t-shirts! They were accessible and genuine! There was no indication that the future would be a world where they were filming their Christmas special in early September . There was also no indication that it was Christmas.

Is Kanye West losing his cool appeal? And is Kim Kardashian to blame?

kim_kanye_1030.jpg First, her marriage and divorce: In the world of ending a marriage, it's a difficult decision. And of course she has marriage anxiety as Showbiz Spy noted: Khloe Kardashian Has Marriage Anxiety . Odoms antics have made news headlines all summer. So a divorce would not be a surprise.

2007 Everyone's favorite motorcycle-riding duo is hitting up Art Basel, taking in the sights, sounds and the opportunities to mingle with the art world's biggest name this week. In fact, the couple's daughter, North West , even Ray J Kim Kardashian i hit it first got an art lesson from the man behind Lady Gaga's ARTPOP cover , Jeff Koons . So, yeah. Just let that sink in for a minute and then reflect on your own life.

Khloe Kardashian news: No divorce papers, no OJ paternity proof

"When putting two egotistical, self serving individuals together, you'll create a rather vile spark. And in times of economic hardship across the country, bragging about materialism is typically frowned upon, says California-based public relations expert Angie Meyer-Olszewski. The Kardashian brand is a sinking ship. Anybody who jumps on board will eventually fall. A successful celebrity in his own right, Kanye made a horrible strategic decision by engaging himself with Kim." And while Wests highly-anticipated album Yeezus initially shot to No.

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